About Us


Angela Young explains:

“Back in April 1998 I bought a plot of Moon for a friend’s 18th birthday. It was very well received and a surprisingly big talking point amongst a group of late-teenage girls! I bought several more in the year or so after that; I think I got a load as Christmas presents and remember buying myself a plot too. In those days plots were all 1777 acres (the size was to do with the mapping system they used back then) so you got a lot more for your money. I got on the newsletter and at some point received an email saying they were looking for what they referred to as ‘Ambassadors’ to join them in helping to sell plots of land around the world. At the time my parents, Sue and Francis were both travelling extensively and my mother was looking for something web-based so she could cut that back. As music consultants they’ve spent their whole lives taking American products and getting them sold in EMEA so it was actually a pretty close fit to their previous experience despite being quite an unusual product. It took nearly a year of negotiating but the deal was eventually done and the launch set for early Sep 2000.”

The launch was an immediate sensation. The media picked up on the story and on September 8th Moonestates was being talked about everywhere. Francis was interviewed live on the Big Breakfast, whilst Sue was busy recording with the regional radio syndicates. Francis was filmed with Patrick Moore at the Science Museum, and Sue was live in the studio for Working Lunch. To top it all Reuters put the story out, and it was featured on just about every major news channel.


Chat magazine

With all this attention Fran and Sue were snowed down with orders coming in. The website could barely cope with the volume of traffic, and the whole family was roped in to help out. Grandparents, sisters, even uncles worked round the clock for the best part of a week to process the orders.

Angela recalls with some amusement: “None of us had expected to get the volume of orders we received in those first few days. We weren’t prepared for the sheer number of e mails and phone calls that came in. We didn’t even have a franking machine and I remember buying every single stamp that the Mevagissey post office had in stock just to get one day’s worth of orders out.”

The following few months were equally hectic with demand from high street retailers to sell Moon land packages in store. A gift box was created and the products were soon available in WH Smiths, John Lewis, and Sainsburys to name just a few. This was to be the start of a phenomenon that has continued to grow, and give pleasure to many.



In 2015 Moonestates joined forces with Moonlife Ltd to bring you an even more enjoyable experience, and to take our exploration well into the 21st century. Our vision is bring together the community of over 6 million space enthusiasts that have purchased land on the Moon, and to develop our communal responsibility for its stewardship. We will be offering you more interactive ways of sharing your lunar experiences, and creating fun gifts to share with friends and loved ones.

And the most important point? In all of that, let’s not miss the most important point of all….and it specifically applies to the Moon: What is the Moon to us? The Moon is a symbol of hope, romance, achievement and change, all rolled into one. There is nothing more symbolic and romantic on Earth one can give to a loved one. It is not a fad we can toy with, it is not something that will ever lose its appeal. When you buy your property on the Moon or any other planet, please enjoy it, because that is what this really is all about. You can look into the night sky and say ‘I own a piece of that!’